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Dr. Robert DuffDr. Robert Duff

Hi! We are Erik Lande and Robert Duff, two neuropsychologists from Southern California. We created this website and the resources posted here to help educate people about aging and dementia. In our line of work, we test people’s memories and other thinking skills to help their doctors determine if they may have a dementia condition. Our goal with the content that we create is to be as clear as possible and arm you with the knowledge that you need to move forward with appropriate medical care OR to simply recognize that the changes you are noticing are part of normal aging.

As part of the neuropsychological evaluation process, we typically meet with our clients after testing is completed to explain the results and give our recommendations. Time and time again, we are thanked for being straightforward and actually explaining what terms like dementia, cognitive impairment, aphasia, and disinhibition mean. While we certainly take these statements as compliments, it is also frustrating for us to know that there are also many doctors out there who do not adequately educate their patients. After having many of these conversations and continuing to be surprised at how few people truly understand their condition, we decided to do something about it.

In 2016, we began the process of writing a book that used our clinical expertise, developed through our specialized education and years of experience, with our clear and conversational style of communication that our clients continually praise. In the free moments between clients and family time, we spent the following years creating ‘Does My Mom Have Dementia?’

‘Does My Mom Have Dementia’ is a book designed for people that have family or loved ones that are getting older. It is a straightforward guide that educates the reader about the differences between normal aging and problems such as dementia. We take care to clearly explain every jargon term that is used and clear up common points of confusion such as the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. We guide you through the journey step by step from recognizing early signs of dementia and getting a diagnosis to coping with difficult behaviors and considering treatment options.